5 things you can do if your IP address is blacklisted

Shweta Singh
3 min readSep 29, 2021

Nowadays, if your company uses email marketing, then you are more likely to face IP blacklisting. Though IP blacklisting can occur for several reasons, it happens mostly when an IP address suspects illicit activities or spam.

Don’t worry. With every problem comes a solution. Let’s discuss in this article what IP blacklisting means, how to remove your IP address from a blacklist, and tips to avoid being blacklisted.

Know what an IP Blacklist is?

IP blacklisting is the way used in order to filter out illicit IP addresses from accessing your network. A blacklist is a list of IP addresses or domains that are denied access and sources of spam. It is referred to as DNSBLs (Domain Name System Blacklists).

Email service providers like Gmail and Microsoft refer to the blacklists to decide what to deliver to an inbox, what to a spam folder, and what to block. If your IP address is on the blacklist, it halts the email traffic, even the legitimate mails. Any email you send bounces back until you remove the address from the same.

Check whether your IP address is blacklisted

In the virtual world, there are many blacklists. So if you’re wondering “Who blacklists your IP” you need to find that with the help of some online tool.

First, you need to have your email server’s IP address. The best way to find your mail exchange (MX) server IP address is by using MxToolbox, where you can find your address with just your website’s domain name. This tool scans your website for your email server and gives you an 8–11 digit address.

Once you are aware of which IP address, your email is blacklisted, it becomes easy to resolve your problem. This will lead you one step ahead to remove your email from the blacklist.

Once you have your IP address, the following are the two blacklist monitors you can use to check if you’re on any of the blacklists.

· MX toolbox

· Blacklist Alert

Remove your IP address from the blacklist

In order to remove your IP address from the blacklist, request delisting. Below are some of the top IP blacklists. Visit each of the websites and request removal step by step.

Each website has its own process, as mentioned here:

· Barracuda requires your IP address, email address, mobile number, and reason for removal. They investigate and process requests for removal within 12 hours of submission.

· Spamhuas: Enter your IP address in the Blacklist Removal Centre to find out which list you’re on and the instructions for removal.

· PSBL operates on spam traps for its blacklist entries. It follows a passive pattern, therefore it’s easy to request removal.

· Spamcop operates differently. It functions on self-blocking and unblocking, so if it continues to receive reports of spam from your networks, your IP address will be still on the blacklist.

· Invaluement: Make sure you haven’t sent spam from your IP address. Else, prove that you are on the blacklist as someone else hacked your account. After that, the blacklist removes your address.

Prevent yourself from being blacklisted

· Set strong passwords

Spammers and hackers can easily detect accounts that have weak passwords. Use passwords with both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

· Verify email addresses

Use email verification tools to ensure that their emails are authentic, such as ZeroBounce and Kickbox. So that you don’t open any fraudulent links that contain malware.

· Maintain an opt-in list

Opt-in list prevents users from being bombarded with information they have not subscribed to. So this list will always help you from being blacklisted.

· VPN Service

A VPN enables you to work with a different IP by providing a virtual IP address different from the original one and thus you can resume your work.

· Spoof-proof your IP

Set up a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record. It makes sure that mail received was sent from an authentic domain.


If you come to know that your IP address has ended up on a blacklist, do not panic. Follow the steps to fix the issues as described here and avoid getting blacklisted in the future. Avoid continuous blacklisting of your IP address else, it would be identified as a regular source of spam.



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